Tuesday Programme

Session 1 – Skin Biology, New Findings 1
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015
08:30 Welcome address
08:40  K-01   Keynote Lecture:
Stratum corneum: a magic cauldron with a quite unusual decoction brewing to its fullness
Marek Haftek
(CNRS, Lyon, France)
09:20  O-01   Ethnic differences in facial stratum corneum metrology for natural moisturising factor and proteases Raj Nidhin
(University College of London, UK)
09:40  O-02   A new androgen sensitive sebocyte cell line as a good tool for the development of anti-acne products Dr. Sevda Cordier-Dirikoc
(BIOalternatives, France)
10:00  O-03   Epigenetics mechanisms
of skin aging as innovative targets
in cosmetics
Pauline Rouaud
(Silab, France)
10:20 Coffee break & Poster viewing

Session 2 – Personal Care, Novel and Innovative Aspects 1
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015
11:00  K-02   Keynote Lecture:
Novel laser biopsies of the skin using Multiphoton Tomography (MPT)
Karsten König
(JenLab & Saarland University, Germany)
11:40  O-04   Breakthrough in improving the skin sagging with focusing on the subcutaneous tissue structure, retinacula cutis Aya Sakata
(Pola, Japan)
12:00  O-05   How the advancement in imaging and image processing will revolutionize the cosmetics industry Walter Arkestejin
(InnoFaith, The Netherlands)
12:20 Lunch break & Posters with even numbers to be presented

Session 3 – Processing and Formulation Technologies
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015
14:30  K-03   Keynote Lecture:
Formulation fantasies
Majella Lane
(University College of London, UK)
15:10  O-06   Development of mascara having the characteristics of low specific gravity and light-weight by
the bubble system
Saejin Park
(Hanbul, South Korea)
15:30  O-07   Quality increase and cost reduction by scale down from production to laboratory Ludger Fischer
(Lucern University, Switzerland)
15:50  O-08   Organogels for application and stabilization of cold processed
emulsions for cosmetic products
Daniele Botega
(Chemyunion Quimica, RMS, Brazil)
16:10 Coffee break & Poster viewing

Session 4 – Hair
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015
16:50  K-04   Keynote Lecture:
The yin yang of human hair follicle,
a question of balance
Bruno Bernard
(L’Oréal, France)
17:30  O-09   The natural frequency of
virgin hair – a novel method to quantify the movement of human hair
Erik Schulze zur Wiesche
(Henkel, Germany)
17:50  O-10   Strengthening the hair fiber
from within: repairing the cortex of damaged hair
Emmanuel Everaert
(Ashland, The Netherlands)
18:10 Wrap up & announcements

Programme at a Glance