Wednesday Programme

Session 5 – Skin Biology, New Findings 2
Wednesday, 23rd September 2015
09:00 Welcome address
09:10  K-05   Keynote Lecture:
Antiaging technologies: Have we peaked or are we stuck in a trough?
Anthony V. Rawlings
(AVR Consulting, Northwich, UK)
09:50  O-11   Use of in vivo techniques for investigating intrinsic and extrinsic ageing in skin of phototype I-III Victoria Newton
(University of Manchester, UK)
10:10  O-12   Automatic scoring of dermal matrix fibers organization by in-vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy:
dream or reality?
David Boudier
(Silab, France)
10:30  O-13   The perception of
blue light effect on woman face
by blue pearl pigment
Myeongryeol Lee
(Amore Pacific, South Korea)
10:50 Coffee break & Poster viewing

Session 6 – Society, Safety, Health and Environment
Wednesday, 23rd September 2015
11:30  K-06   Keynote Lecture:
Darwinian aesthetics –
sexual selection and the biology of beauty in relation to skin condition
Bernhard Fink
(University of Goettingen, Germany)
12:10  O-14   The use of cosmetic
ingredients and protocols to treat skin disease in the developing world
Paul Matts
(Procter & Gamble, UK)
12:30  O-15   Sensitive skin – just a trend
or a widespread phenomenon?

Walter Wigger-Alberti
(BioSkin, Germany)
12:50  O-16   The in vitro sun protection factor (SPF) is not descriptive of the real performance of solar products Stefano Manfredini
(University of Ferrara, Italy)
13:10 Lunch break & Posters with odd numbers to be presented

Session 7 – Personal Care, Novel and Innovative Aspects
Wednesday, 23rd September 2015
15:20  K-07   Keynote Lecture:
Understanding the biomechanics of human skin to predict skin damage
and optimize treatments
Reinhold Dauskardt
(Stanford University, USA)
16:00  O-17   Ex-vivo demonstration of the disruption of skin homeostasis and the role of extracellular ATP in the reaction Junichi Hosoi
(Shiseido, Japan)
16:20  O-18   Pollution skin protection by activators of protein maintenance
in a cosmetic formula
Carine Nizard
(LVMH, France)
16:40  O-19   A retrospective evaluation of washout versus a run-in in anti-aging studies with wrinkle reduction as endpoint Stephen Schwartz
(International Research Services, USA)
17:00 Wrap up, announcements & closing

Programme at a Glance