Young Forum: Innovations made in Switzerland

Switzerland has a strong research portfolio not only in cosmetics, but in life science in general. In this forum it is highlighted how young scientists and entrepreneurs use transdisciplinary approaches to reach innovation in cosmetics. The hosts of this forum, the Inartis Network and ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Life Sciences und Facility Management), will give an introduction to this exciting topic and outline the various possibilities to collaborate with Swiss entities.

Picture © Shutterstock: Robert Kneschke

Monday, 21st September 2015
Young Forum: Innovations made in Switzerland
14:45 Welcoming words Susanne Lauber Fürst
(VP Inartis Network)
14:50 Opportunities and barriers for innovation in cosmetics
Petra Huber
(Lecturer, ZHAW)

Innovative Products
15:15 Innovative concepts for personal care products preservation
Dr. Patrick Schwarzentruber
(CEO, microsTECH AG)
15:40 Alpine plants: remedy from the past or the future of cosmetics and health?
Phillippe Meuwly
(CEO, Pharmalp SA)

Innovative Testing Methods
16:00 Human skin models for cosmetics testing
Stephanie Mathes
(Scientist, ZHAW)
16:25 Cosmetics research in space – not an illusion
Alexander Pekin
(Scientist, SpacePharma SA)

Programme at a Glance